Photos of Matta


(l. to r.) Gordon Onslow Ford,
Matta, Estéban Francès in 1939

with André Breton in 1939

in Hauterives (France), 1939


Matta in Taxco, Mexico, 1941

Matta in 1941 with 2 paintings,
"Rocks" (1940) and
(foreground) "Rain" (1941)

March, 1942 in New York: (l. to r.) Matta,
Ossip Zadkine, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst,
Marc Chagall, Fernand Léger.
(back row:) André Breton, Piet Mondrian,
André Masson, Amédée Ozenfant,
Jacques Lipchitz, Pavel Tchelitchev,
Kurt Seligmann, Eugene Berman.


Matta in 1958 with "Le Courier",
commissioned for the
Unesco building in Paris.
(see a color photo in the "1958" gallery)


Matta practicing "automatism",
painting as fast as possible
to reveal the subconscious.

painting the 7-meter mural
"Vivir enfrentando las flechas"
for the University of Santiago, 1961

Matta in front of "Grimau ou les puissanaces du désordre", 1965

Matta's second wife Malitte,
André Breton, Matta

French artist Alicia Penalba, Matta,
Wilfredo Lam in 1968


Max Ernst and Matta in 1971

Matta in 1972 with "Coïgitum"


Germana Ferrari (Matta's wife)
with Matta in Berlin, 1982


Matta in 1990

Matta with
"Foot-coreography", 1990

in 1995 working on
Carborundum etching "Eveillante"

Matta's studio with
works in progress, 1996

Matta in his studio in October, 1999


These two photos were taken in 2002
soon before Matta died on Nov. 23, 2002

Pall bearers carry the casket of famous Chilean artist Roberto Matta during a funeral at the Annunziata's church in Tarquinia, north of Rome, November 26, 2002. Chilean President Ricardo Lagos declared three days of national mourning after Matta died at his home in Italy on November 23.
REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito

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