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address:   Rozengracht 92
1016NG Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Orange Oracle" (2009)

the evolution of a large surrealist canvas -- notes by the artist:

stage 1: Sketch
automatic sketch in charcoal on the raw (unprepared) canvas ("cotton duck").
stage 2-3: GRISSAILLE
random forms are introduced and fixed by indian ink with a mouth-spay:
All kinds of stencils are used, also pieces of wood, studio-instruments and materials (note the machete in the left part of the painting, which I use for cutting large sheets of paper).
stage 2-3: GRISSAILLE
First touches of white with acrylic paint.
stage 4-5: DRAWING
Automatic lines, rubbings, blots, planes, etc., in pure pigments ("colour-pastel-crayons"), fixed with transparent acrylic medium ("poly-vinyl-acetate").
stage 6-7: PAINTING
Continuing and finishing the next stadia of the work with the pastel-pigments, indian ink and acrylic paint.

Orange Oracle (2009)
mixed media on canvas     195 x 405 cm.

Orange Oracle (2009)

This painting was composed by the alternate use of well considered
and/or automatic introduction of spacial ideas.
My connection with the works of Roberto Matta is situated in this painting-process.
Like him, my only goal is the discovery of new worlds in painting.

-- RIK LINA, Amsterdam 2009.

details from Orange Oracle:

Orange Oracle (detail) Orange Oracle (detail) Orange Oracle (detail) Orange Oracle (detail) Orange Oracle (detail) Orange Oracle (detail) Orange Oracle (detail) Orange Oracle (detail) Orange Oracle (detail)

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The Elephant of Sulawesi Rik Lina with painting

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Rik Lina with Fishing Grounds

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