MATTA books!

Below are the Matta books I have collected. Many of these are out of print, but you can sometimes find copies on Internet Used Book sites. Some of these are exhibit catalogs printed for a gallery exhibit and may still be available by contacting the gallery directly. Contact me if you would like additional information.


The first group contains the top 20 books (+ one DVD) in order -- the ones I would recommend the most highly:

MATTA The Eye of a Surrealist
DVD documentary
To order this DVD or ask questions,
email Bob Fiore at:
2003--- in English, a 60-minute documentary by Jane Crawford, lengthy interviews and video of Matta creating -- a must for all Matta fans.
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
1985340 pgs. French text, mostly color paintings and drawings 1937-85.
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid
1999172 pgs. Spanish text, all color paintings and drawings 1936-98.
MATTA "Entretiens Morphologiques" Notebook No. 1 - 1936-44
Germana Ferrari, Sistan Limited, London / Filipacchi, Paris
1987283 pgs. French and English texts. Huge, expensive, definitive, beautiful, with many photos of Matta, inserts, 220 color, 111 b&w reproductions of his paintings and drawings from 1936-44.
MATTA Uni Verso
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago
1991115 pgs. Spanish text, mostly color paintings and drawings 1937-91.
G. Ferrari, Skira Editore, Milan
1996144 pgs. Italian text, many color plates of paintings, sculpture, ceramics from 1975-96.
by Wieland Schmied, Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, Germany
1991264 pgs. German text, many photos of Matta, all color reproductions of paintings and drawings 1939-90.
MATTA Dessins 1936-1989
Galerie de France, Paris
1990168 pgs. French text, huge and beautiful book containing all color reproductions of 83 drawings and other works on paper from 1936-89.
Espejo de Cronos
Entel, S.A., Santiago, Chile
199692 pgs. Spanish text, all color, paintings, drawings, sculpture from 1974-95, and photos. Large and beautiful, on thick textured paper, it would be ranked at the top of the list if it covered a greater time span (contains mostly 1990s works).
MATTA Tapez dans l'oeil
Germana Ferrari, Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris
2007104 pgs. French text, paintings and drawings from 1963-2002.
MATTA Estampas y Poemas
Museo Casa de la Moneda
Madrid, Spain
2001321 pgs. Spanish text, a beautiful hardbound book from a Dec. 2001 - Jan. 2002 exhibition, etchings and lithographs from 1947-1996.
Corpo a Corpo
Germana Ferrari, Feltrinelli Editions
199396 pgs. Italian text, all color, works in all media, 1979-92.
Gary Nader Editions
2002unpagin. English text, 55 large color plates from 1938-1989.
MATTA: Making the Invisible Visible
McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College
2004143 pgs. English text, 53 color plates, paintings, drawings, and sculpture from 1937-85.
MATTA "El año de los tres 000"
Sala de Arte Fundación Telefónica
200087 pgs. Spanish text, many color plates of paintings, sculpture, ceramics from 1946-2000.
Comme elle est vierge ma forêt
Germana Ferrari, Feltrinelli Editions
199590 pgs. French text, all color, paintings, drawings, and sculpture from 1990-95.
MATTA - "Ti faccio vedere con gli occhi chiusi"
Palazzo Reale, Milan
199099 pgs. Italian text, mostly color, drawings and paintings from 1938-89.
Italia Matta (Matta in Italia)
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A., Milano
1988 100 pgs.Italian text, mostly color, paintings and drawings 1949-87.
Matta nell' Auditorium
G. Ferrari Matta, Edizione Musica per Roma
2002 64 pgs.Italian text, all color, paintings, drawings, computer media, 1971-2002.
MATTA: Début d'un nouveau monde
Gallerie Malingue, Paris
2004159 pgs. French and English text, all color, 12 paintings, over 40 drawings from 1936-44.
MATTA: Ceres Ceresa, Heres la Tierra
Galeria Almirante, Madrid
199993 pgs. Spanish text, works in all media, 1975-99. Many photos of Matta.
The next group:   38 books containing fewer paintings, smaller images, or less color/more b&w -- still nice, but not as recommended as the previous ones.
Matta in America
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
2001 88 pgs.English text, all color paintings and drawings 1937-48.
Transmission: The Art of Matta and Gordon Matta-Clark
San Diego Museum of Art
2006 112 pgs.English text, all color paintings, drawings, sculpture, also many photos and documents of father and son, from 1936-77.
Centro Cultural Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Peru
1998 57 pgs.Spanish text, many images, works in all media from 1956-95.
L'anneé des trois 000
Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris
2000 57 pgs.French text, 27 color plates, paintings from 1985-2000.
L'anneé des trois 000
Hôtel de Ville de Bruxelles
2000 48 pgs.French text, works in all media from 1943-2000.
Fuji Television Network, Tokyo, Japan
1997-- Huge two-sided fold-out poster, 40 x 57", with 80 color images, works shown in 1997 Tokyo exhibition.
by Eduardo Carrasco, HERGAR Ediciones, Santiago, Chile
199065 pgs. Spanish text, 27 color plates, mostly paintings, from 1938-87.
MATTA Descubritorio
Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago, Chile
200846 pgs. Spanish text, small (6" x 4.5") but beautiful hardcover book containing many images of works in all media.
MATTA: Surrealism and Beyond
Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee University
199780 pgs. English text, all color paintings and drawings 1937-94.
MATTA: Following the Footsteps of a Giant
Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires
1998102 pgs. Spanish and English text, all color paintings, drawings, graphics works 1943-95.
MATTA Les Témoins de l'Espèce
Belfort Musée d'art et d'histoire
1994 72 pgs.French text, all color paintings, drawings, and sculpture from 1986-94.
MATTA Un dia Lovestein, una piedra de amor...
Coleccion Cuadernos de Arte, Buenos Aires
1999 54 pgs.Spanish and English text, all color paintings, sculpture, and drawings from 1990-97.
MATTA Index dell'Opera Grafica dal 1969 al 1980
Germana Ferrari, Edizione a cura dell'Amministrazione Provinciale di Viterbo - STADERINI
1980115 pgs. Italian text, half color, half b&w, catalogs complete graphic works from 1969-80.
Roberto Matta
Latin American Masters, Beverly Hills, CA
199765 pgs. English and Spanish texts, mostly color paintings and drawings 1937-59.
MATTA Colección Santa Cruz - Yaconi
Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago, Chile
200342 pgs. Spanish and English texts, all color, works in all media, from 1949-95.
Gary Nader Editions
1992unpagin. English text, 15 large color plates from 1938-1989.
MATTA: Espejo de Cronos
Plastica Nueva, Santiago, Chile
199651 pgs. Spanish text, all color, 11 paintings, 12 sculptures from 1974-94.
Centro Cultural, Viña del Mar, Chile
199996 pgs. Spanish text, all color, 30 paintings, etchings, and drawings from 1956-92.
MATTA: Paradise Now
Maxwell Davidson Gallery, New York
199748 pgs. English text, all color, 21 paintings from 1994-96.
Edition GKM, Sweden
1988 105 pgs.Swedish and French texts, hardbound, photos, drawings, 17 color paintings from 1971-1987.
MATTA Septiembre-Octubre, 1983
Madrid Ministerio de Cultura, Dirección General de Bellas Artes y Archivos
198396 pgs. Spanish text, half color, half b&w paintings and drawings, 1944-83.
Disputación Provincial de Granada
1991120 pgs. Spanish text, all color, works in pastels from 1973-83.
MATTA Sin título
Casa d'Arte "Ulisse", Rome
200268 pgs. Italian and English text, all color, paintings and sculpture from 1987-2002.
L'oeuvre gravé de MATTA (1943-74)
Georges Visat, Paris
1975 155 pgs.French and English text, mostly b&w photos, catalogs complete graphic works from 1943-74.
L'Attico, Rome, Italy
198236 pgs. Italian text, all color, 16 paintings and 10 pastels from 1948-62.
Centro Tornabuoni, Florence, Italy
198462 pgs. Italian text, all color, 19 paintings and 4 lithos from 1955-84.
MATTA: Turbulence des collisions
Riva Yares Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
200124 pgs. English text, all color, 22 paintings and pastels from 1986-2001.
"Duotto" canto a dos voces
Gonzalo Rojas + Matta

Fondo de Cultura Económica, México
2005112 pgs. Spanish text, small 11x17 cm. book containing many images of works in all media, from 1941-2001.
MATTA Paintings & Drawings 1937-1959
Andre Emmerich, NY
199752 pgs. English text, all color paintings and drawings 1937-59.
MATTA: Re-Generation
Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida
199740 pgs. English text, 26 mostly color paintings and woodcuts from 1938-93.
MATTA Drawings, 1937-1946
Acquavella Contemporary Art, Inc., NY
199052 pgs. English text, all color drawings 1937-46.
MATTA Opere dal 1939 al 1975
Edizioni Galleria dell'Oca, Roma
1976157 pgs. Italian/French/English texts, all b&w reproductions of 160 paintings.
MATTA Mostra antologica in Bologna
Museo Civico, Bologna
196365 pgs.
of text
plus approx.
100 plates
Italian text, mostly b&w paintings and drawings, 1937-63.
Crosscurrents of Modernism, Four Latin American Pioneers
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
1992111 pgs. English and Spanish text, mostly color paintings and drawings, 1932-50. Book has four sections devoted to Rivera, Torres-Garcia, Lam, and Matta.
Der Brücke Ediciones, Buenos Aires
1990111 pgs. Spanish text, mostly color paintings and graphic works 1974-90.
Comune de Ferrara - Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna
197378 pgs. Italian text, more than 11 color plates (some missing in my copy), 42 b&w images of paintings from 1965-73.
MATTA, the First Decade
Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA
198272 pgs. English text, mostly color paintings and drawings, 1938-47.
Silkeborg Kunstmuseum
1969222 pgs. 179 b&w reproductions of nearly complete Matta graphics works 1946-68, also a few paintings in b&w.

The last group:   60+ books, many are rare and collectable, but less recommended than the two groups above, due to size or number of images, lack of color, etc.
MATTA Dessins 1937-1989
Carré d'art, musée d'Art contemporain de Nîmes, France
199085 pgs. French text, 49 color reproductions of drawings from 1938-89.
MATTA Skulpturensammlung Viersen
Städtische Galerie, Viersen, Germany
200272 pgs. German and English texts, mostly sculpture, also a few paintings & drawings from 1969-97.
MATTA Oeuvres Récentes 1980-1987
Centre Culturel Issoire, France
198740 pgs. French text, 10 color plates, 9 b&w paintings from 1980-87.
MATTA A Totemic World
Andrew Crispo Gallery, New York
197562 pgs. English text, 5 color paintings, approx. 60 b&w paintings, drawings, sculpture from 1939-68.
MATTA: NOW, Recent Paintings
Riva Yares Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
198524 pgs. English text, all color paintings, 1981-84.
MATTA Zeichnungen 1937-1988
Museum Bochum, Germany
198876 pgs. German text, 11 color, 28 b&w drawings from 1937-88.
L'Homme descend du signe
Galleria dell'Oca, Rome
1975unpagin. Italian text, several large color foldouts on heavy paper (suitable for framing), and some b&w, pastel works and drawings from 1939-74.
MATTA: Ojoser L'Oeil-être
Galerie Alexandre Iolas, Paris
197528 pgs. no text, 8 color plates and 5 b&w photos, all paintings from 1974.
Roberto Matta, Architect of Surrealism
Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC
20032 books, 22 & 25 pgs. Spanish and English text, some photos, paintings and etchings from 1937-85.
MATTA Odisseano se è fermato a Napoli
Palazzo Reale, Naples, Italy
198136 pgs. Italian text. Front/back cover is nice color poster of 1972 "Coigitum", inside 25 color reproductions of etchings, 37 b&w paintings and etchings (1970s works).
MATTA Paintings and Sculpture
Riva Yares Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
199116 pgs. 11 color paintings, 4 b&w sculptures, from 1982-90.
El Quijote de MATTA
Gallerie de France
198528 pgs. Spanish text, 36 color images, pastel works on paper, ca. 1984.
MATTA: Works from Chicago Collections
The Arts Club of Chicago
199328 pgs. English text, 15 color reproductions of drawings, paintings, 1 sculpture, from 1937-82.
MATTA Manifiesto Gráfico
Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende
200663 pgs. Spanish text, all color, reproductions of 53 graphics works from 1971-95.
MATTA Oeuvres 1950-1960
Galleria Seno Milano and others
1964?40 pgs. no text, all color paintings, 1951-64.
Kestner-Gesellschaft Hannover
1974105 pgs. German text, several articles, 4 color plates, 20 b&w images of paintings from 1965-73.
Nationalgalerie, Berlin
197048 pgs. German text, 5 color plates, many b&w paintings, 1939-70.
Roberto Matta, Paintings & Drawings 1971-1979
Tasende Gallery, La Jolla, California
198051 pgs. English text, 4 color paintings from 1971-74.
Matta "One's Own Ocean"
Fuji Television Gallery, Tokyo
199343 pgs. Japanese and French texts, 13 color plates, paintings and one sculpture, 1985-92.
Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
1986unpagin. Japanese and English texts, 53 plates (8 color), drawings from 1946-86.
Art Moderne - Rare ensemble d'oeuvres de Roberto Matta de 1944 à 1992
Paris - Hôtel Marcel Dassault
200036 pgs. French text, 17 works illustrated in color, drawings, pastels, terracotta vases.
The Sculpture of Matta
Allan Frumkin Gallery, Chicago
1961?16 pgs. English text, 14 b&w photos of sculptures from 1957-60.
Printed Matta
4 decades of printmaking
198340 pgs. English and Spanish text, 17 works illustrated, 4 in color, 1944-81.
MATTA L'Attico
L'Attico, Rome
196139 pgs. Italian text, 5 color paintings from 1954-61.
MATTA Óleos Recientes
Galería Minotauro
197815 pgs. Spanish text, 8 color plates, paintings from 1974-77.
Manifestazione de Solidarieta' con il Popolo Cileno
Per il cile con Matta

Museo Civico, Bologna
197374 pgs. Italian text, 4 color, 18 b&w paintings, from 1959-73. Several photos also.
Maitres-Graveurs Contemporains 1972
Berggruen & Cie., Paris
1972unpagin. French text, catalog of graphic works offered by Berggruen, includes 12 by Matta, also the cover of this catalog is an original color lithograph by Matta (9 x 9.75").
by William Rubin, Museum of Modern Art, NY
195736 pgs. English text, mostly b&w, paintings 1938-57.
MATTA The Early Years
Maxwell Davidson Gallery, NY
197416 pgs. English text, all b&w paintings and drawings, 1939-57.
MATTA The Early Years
Maxwell Davidson Gallery, NY
198816 pgs. English text, 4 color, 4 b&w images, paintings and drawings from 1938-44.
MATTA The Early Years
Maxwell Davidson Gallery, NY
198112 pgs. English text, all b&w paintings and drawings, 1937-47.
Düsseldorf Kunsthalle Grabbeplatz
196443 pgs. German text, 24 b&w paintings from 1938-62.
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
196448 pgs. Dutch text, 24 b&w paintings from 1939-62.
Musée de Saint-Denis, France
196748 pgs. French text, 28 b&w paintings from 1939-67.
Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles
196429 pgs. French text, b&w paintings from May 5 - May 31, 1964 exhibition (photocopy).
MATTA Coigitum
Arts Council of Great Britain
197763 pgs. English text, 6 color paintings, some b&w drawings, 1944-76.
MATTA: What is the Object of the Mind?
Reinhard Onnasch Ausstellungen, Berlin
198230 pgs. German/English/French text, 1 color and 15 b&w paintings, 1954-82.
MATTA Skulpturen und Bilder
Gimpel & Hanover Galerie, Zürich
196425 pgs. German text, 17 b&w images of sculpture and paintings, from 1957-62.
12 wood bas-reliefs by MATTA
Carone Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
198320 pgs. English text, 12 b&w photos of wood bas-reliefs from 1979-81.
MATTA Cinquante Cinq Dessins Depuis 1937
Galerie du Dragon, Paris
197860 pgs. shows 26 drawings from 1937-69, mostly b&w images.
Point d'appui
Galerie Samy Kinge, Paris
1984foldout card 3 color plates, paintings from 1983-84.
MATTA The Logic of Hallucination
Arts Council of Great Britain
198412 pgs. English text, 9 color drawings from 1939-72.
MATTA Conversaciones
Ediciones Chile y América, CESOC
1987295 pgs. Spanish text, 5 x 7" paperback with almost 300 pages of text, and 8 color plates, paintings from 1938-86.
MATTA El Gran Burundún
Pamplona, Spain
197624 pgs. b&w, 4 paintings from 1974-75.
MATTA mostra personale
Galleria Schwarz, Milano
196311 pgs. Italian/French/English text, 8 b&w, 2 color paintings, all from 1962.
Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City
197532 pgs. Spanish text, 2 color, 4 b&w paintings and a few drawings, all from 1974.
Roberto Matta: "Architecture du Temps"
Théâtre d'Ivry (Paris)
198214 pgs. French text, 4 color, 3 b&w paintings, some b&w drawings, 1965-76.
Matta on Paper
The John Todd Figi Collection
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
200510 pgs. English text, all color, 16 images, mostly drawings from 1937-45.
MATTA Hommage aux Pyrénées
Chateau de Castellnou
197613 pgs. French text, 10 small color reproductions (mostly pastels) from 1968-76.
MATTA: Paintings from South Florida Collections
Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
198333 pgs. English text, 1 color and 20 b&w paintings, 1950-70.
Galerie van de Loo, Munich, Germany
196411 pgs. German text, 5 b&w paintings, all from 1963.
MATTA: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture from 1938-1945
Institute of the Americas, La Jolla, California
20037 pg. foldout card English text, 13 color images, 1937-60.
MATTA: We are all Brothers
L'Attico, Rome
196215 pgs. Italian text, 1 color, 7 b&w images, paintings from 1960-62.
MATTA: 15 forms of doubting
Moderna Museet Stockholm
195933 pgs. Swedish text, all b&w, 4 paintings and 11 drawings from 1942-56.
MATTA: El surrealismo y más allá
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey
199832 pgs. Spanish text, 9 paintings from 1942-74.
MATTA: Agiter l'œil avant de voir
by Paul Haim
pub. by Séguier, Paris
2001134 pgs. Paul Haim's French biography and analysis of Matta's life and art, with a few b&w photos.
MATTA Abril 8 - Mayo 12, 1992
Galeria Klemm, Buenos Aires
19929 pgs. Spanish text, reproductions of 2 color paintings (1960s) and 2 b&w drawings (1943).
Sala Napoleonica, Venice, Italy
195316 pgs. Italian text, 1 color painting, 6 drawings reproduced.
Galerie Daniel Cordier, Frankfurt, Germany
195910 pgs. German text, 4 b&w images of 1950s paintings.
Galeria Iolas-Velasco, Madrid, Spain
19706 pgs. Spanish text, 4 b&w images of unidentified 1960s paintings.
"Horizon" Review of Literature and Art
British publication, September 1949 issue
194963 pgs. English text, contains an article by Pierre Mabille "Matta and the New Reality", also has 4 b&w painting reproductions, 1941-49.
Matta Sports Drawings
Allen Frumkin Gallery, Chicago
195512 pgs. Engish text, b&w images, drawings from 1954-55.
Clave para Matta
Matta's 6 interviews with Lisandro Otero, Havana
198466 pgs. Spanish text, 15 b&w drawings.
Mitologuías - Homenaje a Matta
poems of María Elena Blanco
200164 pgs. Spanish text, cover photo of a ceramic mural by Matta, inside are poems by Blanco, each inspired by a different Matta work (not shown in the book).
Denis de Rougemont "Lettres sur la Bombe atomique"
pub. by Brentano's, New York
1946163 pgs. French novel by de Rougemont, with cover and 5 drawings by Matta.
Fernando Alegria "Instructions for Undressing the Human Race"
pub. by Kayak magazine of modern poetry, San Francisco
1968unpagin. 21 poems by Alegria (Spanish with English translations) with drawings by Matta.
Stanley Berne "The Dialogues"
George Wittenborn, Inc., NY
1962108 pgs. novel by Stanley Berne with cover and drawings by Matta.
"Grécité", poetry by Yannis Ritsos
Imprimerie de la Charité à Montpellier
196246 pgs. French translation of Ritsos' poetry, with a frontispiece by Matta.

stamps, brochures and other items:
MATTA "Enseñar la eternidad"2008--sheet of 9 postage stamps, issued in 2008 by Chile
MATTA "Espejo de Cronos"2008--sheet of 9 postage stamps, issued in 2008 by Chile
MATTA "Foyer du moi"2008--sheet of 9 postage stamps, issued in 2008 by Chile
MATTA FDC (First Day Cover)2001--postage stamp, Santiago, Chile
11 May, 2001
MATTA postage stamp2001--postage stamp, Santiago, Chile
issued 11 May, 2001
MATTA postage stamp1999--postage stamp issued in 1999 by Cuba
MATTA FDC (First Day Cover)1993--postage stamp, Santiago, Chile
22 April, 1993 -- Festival Mundial Teatro de las Naciones
MATTA FDC (First Day Cover)1991foldoutpostage stamp, Amiens, France
30 Nov. 1991, deluxe edition with two silkscreens
MATTA FDC (First Day Cover)1991--postage stamp, Amiens, France
30 Nov. 1991
MATTA "Sembrador de Incendios" (detail)1967--postage stamp issued in 1967 by Chile
MATTA slides1985?--24 slides of Matta paintings and drawings, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
MATTA - Pierre Matisse Gallery
New York
1942foldout invitation card to Mar. 31 - Apr. 21, 1942 exhibition, Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York
MATTA - oils and drawings
Washington DC
1955foldout invitation card to Feb. 16 - Mar. 15, 1955 exhibition, Pan American Union, Washington DC
Hirst / Lam / Matta
1961-- invitation card to Jun. 7 - 27, 1961 exhibition, Obelisk Gallery, London
wine label for Chateau Mouton Rothschild1962--« Son tendre velouté séduit les plus rebelles »
MATTA Grimau - l'heure de la vérité
Bremen, Germany
19705 pgs.invitation to March 1970 exhibition, 4 b&w photos, 1 drawing.
Air France flight menu1970foldout This is a menu card for the Paris-Lisbon flight, dated July 10, 1970 (featuring "Medallion de veau zingara"), one of a series of 16, each featuring a different painter. 24 x 16 cm.
MATTA Pastels
Carone Gallery
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
198_-- undated card shows "Piano Blu" from 1980.
Hom'mère IV "Point d'Appui"1983foldout foldout card with 10 color reproductions of the etching suite
Matta - Tasende Gallery
La Jolla, California
1986foldout foldout invitation card for March 21, 1986 exhibition.
Matta - Vorpal Gallery
New York
199_foldout invitation card (undated), Vorpal Gallery, NYC
Matta Grabados
Santiago, Chile
199312 pgs. 9 color images from exhibition of etchings at Galeria Arte Actual, La Dehesa, Santiago, Dec. 1993.
Matta - "L'Âme du Tarot de Thélème"1994foldout 8-page foldout card for the suite of 5 etchings with color reproductions.
Grabados de Matta
Valpariso, Chile
199414 pgs. 3 images of recent etchings, 1994
Matta - Paintings & Drawings
New York
1997foldout invitation card to Feb. 20 - Mar. 22, 1997 exhibition, Andre Emmerich Gallery, NY
Matta: Turbulence des collisions
Sante Fe, NM
2001-- invitation card to June 8 - July 2, 2001 exhibition at Riva Yares Gallery.
Matta in America
Los Angeles
2001foldout invitation card to Sept. 30, 2001 - Jan. 6, 2002 exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Matta - Three new Carborundum etchings
Nordstamp Fine Art
200212 pgs. 3 big color plates of his last Carborundum etching suite, and 3 color photos of Matta in 2002
Weinstein Gallery - The Tenth Anniversary Collection
San Francisco
2002 __ section on Matta shows 6 color Carborundum etchings from 1995-2002.
wine label for Clos Pegase2003--Reproduction of "Les Amoureuses" (1947)
Hommage a Matta
Malmö, Sweden
2003foldout invitation card to Jan. 25 - Mar. 8, 2003 exhibition, Galleri GKM Siwert Bergstrom
MATTA Colección Santa Cruz - Yaconi
Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago, Chile
2003foldout foldout invitation card for the 2003 exhibition, with 2 large color images and several smaller.
Roberto Matta: Cosmic Terrains
2003-- invitation card & brochure for June 6 - Sept. 4, 2003 exhibition, The Menil Collection, Houston, TX
Matta: Making the Invisible Visible
2004foldout invitation card to Feb. 1 - May 24, 2004 exhibition, McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College
Transmission: The Art of Matta and Gordon Matta-Clark
San Diego
2004foldout invitation card to Aug. 19 - Nov. 12, 2006 exhibition, San Diego Museum of Art
Matta: Tapez dans l'oeil
2007foldout invitation card to Oct. 25, 2007 - Jan. 5, 2008 exhibition, Galerie Claude Bernard

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