Matta's 2000s art

Matta died on Nov. 23, 2002 at a hospital near his home in Italy.
He was active and creating until the end, a sad loss for the world.

El Año de los Tres 000

"El Año de los Tres 000", 2000 (000/3)   240 x 315 cm.


"Artitre", 2000 (000/16)
44 x 61 cm.

Níouís autres

"Níouís autres", 2000 (000/17)
44 x 61 cm.

Post History Chicken Flowers

"Post History Chicken Flowers", 2002
mixed media on canvas
66 x 64 cm.

Matta's final works were these Carborundum etchings:

La Dulce Acqua Vita

"La Dulce Acqua Vita", 2002   120 x 102 cm.

The Eld of the World

"The Eld of the World", 2002   120 x 102 cm.

This Carborundum etching was Matta's final work:

Le Source de Calm

"La Source de Calm", 2002

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